4 Responses to “Apple Milk Glass Sugar Bowls”

  1. Allee Willis

    They look like they’re in mint condition so $5 is a good price. I think apples make a great and logical sugar bowl.

    I had a huge apple cookie jar but never the matching sugar bowls. I love these.

  2. denny

    I didn’t buy these but I think since this posting I ended up owning 2 of them. Will send one along on the “A” train!

  3. Nessa

    My mother has/had about a half a dozen of these… they are very plentiful and cheap in my area. I think she gave a few away to friends… they are very useful for storing miscellaneous tchotchkes and stuff like rubberbands. I never thought of them as sugar bowls, though that would be an excellent usage. There’s also a much rarer strawberry version.