2 Responses to “A big chicken from Johnny’s Paradise Poetry, Texas”

  1. Allee Willis

    Ooh, I love that big chicken! Though isn’t he a rooster? Doesn’t really matter to me because he’s fabulous one way or the other. Absolute fowl excellence!

    Where was the miniature golf course? Would kill to see what some of the other holes were festooned with,

  2. Johnnys Paradise Poetry

    Hi there Allee!

    We are so excited to hear from you! You are a woman after our own taste! We have also read an article on you a few years ago, maybe the LA times?

    Thank you so much for the certifikitsch from your museum of kitsch! We are so very honored!

    We call our huge fiberglass miniature golf course piece, our psychedelic chicken. Believe he came from Arkansas, he might have been on the Mufflerman’s farm!Anyway he landed here in Poetry, Texas with Bing Frogsby, a huge frog with a golf club in hand. We sold Bing years ago and managed to hang on to this piece.

    We’ve been on this trail for many years and we have lots more kitsch pics to send your way!

    So here’s a kitsch kiss, we adore you!

    Your new in friends in Poetry,
    Nora & Johnny