Walla Walla

Submitted by Markydoodle May 31st, 2011
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I had the opportunity to travel this week to the city so nice they named it twice.  Walla Walla, Washington.  I kept thinking wouldn’t it be cool if this was the secret origin of the world wide web?  Walla Walla Washington World Wide Web.  I like it.

I’m not sure what a Humorist is versus a Comic, but I did find this sign mildly amusing.  Not sure who the humorist was, or if it’s just dedicated to all humorists, here, between Pasco and Walla Walla Washington.

Near Humorist Road is a barge on the Snake River that made me think there’s a chance it’s all just a quietly agreed-upon attitude the people in this part of the world have.

How many times have you seen a happy face on a barge?

I’m not sure why they’re renting Dunk Tanks in Pasco, Washington.  Are they for School Carnivals?

And suddenly I’m asking questions here like the guy on 60 minutes.  Did ya ever wonder?  I like Andy Rooney, but I never intended to talk like him.

4 Responses to “Walla Walla”

  1. Allee Willis

    I always heard of Walla Walla – there may have been a song about it – but I never knew it was an actual place! And then to have a street named Humorist Rd. in such proximity is too much to even think about! What I wouldn’t give to live on Humorist road in Walla Walla (if it were in Southern CA.)!

    I love a happy face on the barge because barges feel so industrial and this makes for a happy little ride.

    What’s a dunk tank for? Sound like what they have at a carnival where you throw a ball and if you hit a bull’s-eye someone get dunked. Would also make a nice little vertical swimming pool for someone who has no room, kind of like a Johnny-on-the-spot but instead of a toilet there’s six feet of nice clean filtered water.

    I love when you do panorama travel submissions like this!

  2. Douglas Wood

    Mark– are you still in Walla Walla? If so, you HAVE to visit my friend’s museum– you will be blown away, I promise you. I mentioned it here at AWMoK a while back– here’s the AWMOK post:


    and here’s the website url:


    I think the museum’s only open once a week (pretty sure it’s Saturday), but if you facebook me, I’ll give you the e-mail of the founder and artist and if you tell him you’re my friend, he’ll probably let you in. (He’s eager for people who “get” his work as each week he has many people who are deeply offended by it and walk out angry, usually religious types.)

  3. Mark Milligan

    Douglas-I was only there for a few hours to work. There is a good chance in about 60 days I’ll be required to go back and visit the same people. I will definitely check in with you once I hear that I’m making the trek again!
    That would be fantastic!