6 Responses to “Boot and Lady Beads”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love the little boot. Is it more of a charm or actually a bead?

    I was absolutely insane about plastic charms growing up. It takes all my strength now not to let myself wander around on eBay looking at little plastic charms. Of course, if I could just look there would be no problem. But if I saw something as cute as this boot I’d be awfully tempted to hit the cash stash.

    The second bead with the classic little Italian gal is great too. Would someone string a whole bunch of those together or use her more sporadically with solid color beads?

    • signcollector

      Allee- i would go with charm, and i obviously have the same addiction!
      they remind me of cracker jack prizes in the early sixties.
      as for the Italian lady-bead, i recommend the sporadic approach, sometimes too much of something good….well you know!
      I am consumed by your website, wait til you see my photos of stuff today. i don’t seem to be able to just take a photo. oh no, I have to buy the stuff as well, so you better think about your non-online museum! Please let me know if i get off course into Chachki, Junki, funki, or other worlds, you are after all the Queen!