Swan Clown Cake Sculpture

Submitted by kookykrafts June 1st, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This whimsical “Swan Clown Floating in a Blue Pond” cake sculpture is decorated with blue, pink and green faux icing. Little plastic turtles (with moving parts!), ducks, mushrooms and roses create the fantasy garden that the Swan Clown presides over, with green icing leaves floating in the pond – topped with tiny lucite flowers – to create  lilypads. A tiny pink plastic baby is soaking his feet in the water while marveling at the beauty and magic of the big, wide world around him – and the mystery of the Swan Clown god. I created the Swan Clown from a vintage plastic swan body that I’ve completely covered with my faux icing mixture and his head is a quirky vintage clown head. He has a blue and pink vintage parasol for a tail.

This sculpture is constructed on a 2 x 10 inch dense styrofoam base and stands about 8 inches tall to the top of the swan’s head. Part of the fun of owning a cake sculpture is finding a cool, retro cake stand to display it on, or using an heirloom stand that has been passed down through the family.

All my icing is created from high quality acrylic artist materials, from a formula I’ve developed over the last 30 years, and the colors are hand mixed by me and extremely colorfast. My cake sculptures are a time consuming process as I start by tracking down interesting vintage cake toppers, plastic toys, lucite and celluloid decorations, and anything else that I like that is washable. I then ice the sculptures (starting with a dense styrofoam base) by layering multiple layers of faux icing over several days, or weeks – and I make all the faux sugar roses, or other faux icing decorations, like medallions, in advance. The sculptures are washable with soapy water and a hand sprayer.

5 Responses to “Swan Clown Cake Sculpture”

  1. Allee Willis

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at beautiful cakes and wished that I never had to cut into them because I’m sure they look better than they taste. So happy to see that realized here!

    I love this one because it has all the little frosting touches that I love in cakes plus all that fun going on on top. I also really love what the clown is sitting on. Is that a little heart?

    Thanks for providing all the detail as it makes it even more interesting to examine the cake. Excellent choice of background colors to shoot it against too.

  2. kookykrafts

    Hi Allee – thanks for liking them. If you go on my Etsy page (kookykrafts.etsy.com) you can see the Swan Clown Cake from different angles. It is a swan body completely covered with faux icing with a clown’s head – and he is “floating” on a blue lake!

    Thanks for my Certficates! I’ll cherish until till death do us part.


  3. denny

    What! How did I miss this? I love the little polka dot mushrooms! This looks absolutely edible but it’s so gorgeous that I am so happy that this is something I could display for eternity, never having to worry about stuff growing on it!

    Love this so much.

  4. windupkitty

    Just incredible….absolutely insane…I am so in love with these cakes, I can’t even tell you!!!!

    Denny, still have any O2 left from the zipper weave incident??!?! I need it!!!

  5. kookykrafts

    Yes, indeed, sugar for the soul! For both the maker (who had fun making it) and those who feast their eyes upon it : ) . And half the fun is in the hunt for all those fabulous vintage cake toppers, which are, sadly, getting harder to find!