7 Responses to “Acorn Hats Rock”

  1. Allee Willis

    I think we all need acorn hats. I used to have quite an acorn haberdashery going as a kid when I would glue different nuts together to make little friends. As I got a little older I got a little risqué and turned the acorns into breasts, which at the time, of course, I thought was SO clever. Thanks God, I got a little more original as I got older. But love these little birds in their hats.

      • windupkitty

        for me ,it’s always the pigmy singing la bamba….comletely slays me EVERY time!!

        everyone needs an acorn hat…i have a tomatoe, pumpkin, and strawberry hat made fro me by the skilled and loving hands of Mrs Wotan, but I don’t have an acorn hat :(

        If anyone needs one, it’s the pIgmy and if anyone can get one, it’s the Pigmy…he is wise and also crafty!