2 Responses to “HAPPY DAYS…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Relatively rare one in the Happy Days glass set. Though the way they’ve captured poor Potsie I thought it was Fonzi at first glance with the slicked back black hair and what looks like the top of a leather jacket.

    I love that this was a Happy Days cross promotion with both Pizza Hut and Dr Pepper. This was when product placement and cross promotion between TV shows and movies first hit into high gear. I can’t even imagine how much Happy Days stuff there was.

    Speaking of Happy Days, I’m going to be doing my first singing in public in decades a week from Monday night at the “Songs Of Our Lives” concert at the Wadsworth Theatre in Los Angeles. It’s five top songwriters singing a few of their greatest hits and talking about how they were written. Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox, who wrote the “Happy Days” theme, will also be performing and Charles, the organizer of the concert, is who asked me to perform. Let’s hope it’s a Happy Night.

  2. k2dtw

    I thought it wasn’t probably the best Potsie??.. The concert is such a great event, i love that you will be able to talk to everyone about how the songs were written. I wish all concerts were like that..