2 Responses to “MEEEEOWWW”

  1. Allee Willis

    Very sweet. My kitties should only be so demure and well behaved.

    I love the little paws painted so far above ground.

    Also really like you using the dollar as a background for scale. Is your whole collection miniatures?

    • signcollector

      Thanks. I just love odd beads, i have two bead stores, and if I had to carry only the “normal” stuff i’d lose my soul. But i do collect signs, broken porcelain, rusty tools and junk, on and on. When i read about you washing your bowling balls, i thought “holy moly, a kindred spirit” as i have had pet bowling balls as well. people just shake their head, that’s when I know I’m doing it right! Thanks for giving the world such an outlet!