Ashtray lamp

Submitted by Billaurie June 5th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

My grandmother put this huge heat bulb in this flexible neck lamp to aim at her knee. :-) I’m sure she had it from at least the ’40’s.  It looks to be green enamel or a patina of some kind.  Relatively heavy.  I guess she would have just vacuumed the ashes/butts with the Hoover hose.  Look at that giant plug!

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  1. Allee Willis

    When I first moved to Hollywood in 1976 I moved into a tiny cabin off Hollywood Blvd. that had been built as Marie Dressler’s dressing room. She was the older, heavyset woman who was in a lot of the Marx Brothers’ films. Many of her belongings were still there and I swear that this exact lamp was among them. The base was cast iron, very heavy but I lugged it around the cabin and it lit the very first songs I write in LA.

    I’m pretty sure it’s earlier than the 40’s. I think as early as 20’s. The detail on the base is great. Have sentimental feelings about this lamp!

    Love the giant bulb and plug.