Babysaurus in a Nest Cake Sculpture

Submitted by kookykrafts June 5th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This cake is hot out of the studio oven – just finished it!  “Babysaurus in a Nest” is a chocolate faux cake sculpture that is a quirky, unnatural nature scene. Oh, where to begin? There is a vintage celluloid or plastic dinosaur on the top layer that I’ve added a vintage baby head to (made in Hong Kong) to create the Babysaurus.  She is wearing a black top hat and is protecting her colorful nest of eggs and her little pink baby – even though her baby hatched out with a skull head, wearing a pink top hat. The baby is playing with a pink lucite flower. There is a plush, pink and blue faux icing mushroom acting as a benevolent sentinel next to the nest. The bottom layer is studded with mushrooms made from plastic egg bases and faux icing caps. Dollops of faux icing and little artificial plants complete this quirky nature scene.

This sculpture is constructed on a 2 x 10 inch dense styrofoam base (bottom layer)and a 2 x 6 inch (top layer) and stands about 9 inches tall to the top of the Babysaurus’s top hat head.  Multiple views can be seen on my Etsy page at if you are interested in seeing more!

3 Responses to “Babysaurus in a Nest Cake Sculpture”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love the baby head sticking out of the dinosaur. And I always love mushrooms for adding an excellent 60s/70s touch.

    Do you group your cake toppers together first and then build the cakes or do you just start and freeform?

  2. kookykrafts

    Weekend greetings! I am looking forward to sitting down shortly to get my Sunday dose of the NY times!

    I have oodles of cake toppers. I keep them in plastic bags sorted according to type, or in plastic storage boxes so I can SEE them! I love being able to see my inventory (even if I do have corners of my workshop where I have to dig through layers of boxes) as that inspires me. I kind of free form as I go along – although I sort of know what I am going to do in advance. Having a good selection of cake toppers is akin to having a good selection of paint if you’re a painter. The more different colors, styles and sizes you have the more you have to choose from, and the more options you have. Although with cake toppers, or things that can pass for toppers, you do have a limited palette when it comes to cool plastic doo dads. I also like the nostalgia associated with certain styles of toppers, and the look of repetitive placement of certain toppers – like you would see on a real cake (think ballerinas/clowns/candle holders/etc.).

    I buy a lot of cake toppers on Etsy and Ebay (I probably have enough to last a lifetime and to populate a very kitschy estate sale after I die), but I am always on the lookout for something different and unique. I use things that are not necessarily cake toppers if I like them and they are made of plastic. I am kind of a cake topper hoarder right now and just love looking at bags full of plastic cake toppers. It makes me feel very wealthy – in all the right ways! Also, I keep thinking YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO FIND THESE AGAIN!

    I want my cakes to be washable, so if they get dusty after a few years they are easily cleaned, so plastic toppers are pretty much a requirement. I also just like the look (colors/style) of plastic, particularly vintage!

    As you can see, you’ll never get a short answer from, I guess!