Submitted by john switzer June 6th, 2011
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These canned P B & J’s are a blast. For the akitschianados hoarding food for some end of the world scenario,this would be a staple. Fits all the tennants of K-factor fun food.Purposeful misspelling,endless, full on tacky, shelf life,and the mirage of what once was comfort food,& now is breakfast,lunch and dinner. Just whip up a glass of blueish powdered milk and water and chow,k-kids,chow.

7 Responses to “Candwich”

  1. Allee Willis

    I got so excited when I opened this post I abandoned my duties as AWMOK curator and immediately located them online and ordered a case! Really. How on earth I never saw this before I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because I’m not five years old, the target audience for something like this. I love PB&J, I love things in a can, I hate cooking = there will be many candwiches in my life.

  2. BRBill

    What’s the shelf life/outdate on these things? You might want to check as bread tends to grow wonderful things when left on it’s own. And, have you ever had the pleasure of eating an MRE? Those can be quite tasty, just don’t read the dietary equivalents though, kinda high in sodium.

  3. john switzer

    wow way serious so Allee,MRE is an acronim, meals ready to eat ,an army thing.MRE implies there is a very limited menu, that has to be hand carried with you all day.
    This is diffferent,you know. I mean that there is already ton of stuff in cans if you had to store it and eat ONLY it. But thats not what make this so cool, for me.
    I am sure the shelf life is forever. Less preservatives in Lenins tomb!
    ITS the sandwich of k wondermint PB&J ,ready toplease, from the wossh of its firstbreath of air when its open. the sticky salty and somewhat sad finish[all gone :[ its not baosting nourishing you. Its basically a build your own twinkie kit. But it will be there, ad infinitum,for when you are have’n a PB&J jones. FOREVER~js

  4. BRBill

    What John said about MREs. My experience dates from 2008 and Hurricane Gustav. The gov’t learned their lessons well, sorta, after Katrina. Within a couple of daze after Gustav here in Baton Rouge, there were PODs(Points of Distribution) set up at either end of the parish and i’m in the middle. So i headed down to the southern point where i got 2 cases of MREs, 2 cases of water, 2 blue tarps in case there were any holes in the roof and 4 bags of ice, all loaded into your car by friendly National Guard troops. Your tax dollars at work here folks. I now have emergency hurricane rations for the next time the power goes out for 10 days. The chicken tetrazzini is not too bad for eating out of a bag. All meals come with their own heating element, just add water and 15 or so minutes later, you have a hot meal, only 1140 calories, 370 from fat, and 1330mg sodium, yikes. You do have to remember that these are prepared for our guys and gals in the field and have to have minimum daily requirements to get them thru the day. Each meal weighs about a pound so they’re easily carried without adding too much weight. I still occasionally pull out one when i’m lazy about cooking, specially during the summer.

  5. john switzer

    @BRBILL,Glad you made it thru Gustav and the National Guard helped you out.Lets cut to the chase..Can you get government cheese? did they give you some?Hard to find anymore. I love all cheese and “cheese” products,and G’ment cheese, a lot! Stock up on some Canwiches for sure,for your dessert course. -what’s not to like..:D