Matching Mother and Daughter

Submitted by windupkitty June 7th, 2011
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I have a vague memory of an AWMOK submission (or several!) featuring matching family outfits. My Mom did a lot of sewing when I was a kid (she made her own prom dress and wedding dress too!) and I clearly remember wearing the matching outfits she made for herself and me. For Mom it was a sleeveless dress with a sash and for me, a long shirt and solid color coordinated pants. Pretty kitschy. Here is one such outfit. I honestly remember wearing this exact one. I’m not sure if I should share this photo since it’s pretty much proof that I’m the bad seed…..Have you ever seen a kid that is so obviously plotting evil?!?! Scary!!

Yep, Bad Seed.

Here is the prom dress my mother made for herself. I am infinitely more happy about wearing this outfit. I also remember this dress very clearly…It was the perfect color of pink satin. Once I realized this dress existed, my only desire was to get to it, put it on, and never take it off. That would be a Great Grandmother’s Rosary on my head. I regularly got in trouble for wearing it like that….but it was just so fancy and glamorous…who could resist? It also gave me a fabulous flip-do…coincidence? I think not!

4 Responses to “Matching Mother and Daughter”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love, love these photos. Although I remember my mom sewing, she never got as far as matching outfits, which I was always jealous of when I saw moms and daughters parading around in them. Your mom went a step farther and created different outfits out of the same material so the daughter’s personality wouldn’t get soaked up in the moms, yet they were still inextricably related.

    The photos of you in the prom dress are priceless. How great that you had a mom that actually let you try it on, and drag it around on the ground outside no less.

    That pearl headdress is killing me.

  2. windupkitty

    Hahaha…I know, the matching outfits were definitely her thing…SHe really was a fabulous seamstress! I really hope that photos of other outfits exist….I have found some other pics of some of her non-matching creations, so I’ll have to post those…Yeah, that prom dress was awesome…So was her wedding dress…I’ve always had a thing for 50s and 60s fashion, so I was right at home in that thing….I wish that pink dress still existed….The rosary beads, well, yeah, who could ever stop me from putting stuff on my head? I was always a hat girl…..

    • windupkitty

      hahaha Thanks MIchael, you are too kind…I think I seem just as evil in the last two pics, jut more giddy!