Donny & Marie Golden All Star Book

Submitted by Douglas Wood June 8th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This is a .59¢ “Golden All Star Book” of Donny & Marie from 1977.   I have no idea why they’re dressed as they are as it doesn’t pertain to anything inside.  Perhaps it’s what results when you bring Mormons and Bob Mackie together.

On the back cover, the outfits get weirder.  Donny’s in glittery elephant bells and a puffy shirt; Marie’s wearing a Dutch boy hairdo and what looks like a bad bridesmaid’s dress (or is that redundant?)

Inside are three “adventure stories” that seem lifted out of a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys series:  “Someone’s Following Us!” “Pranks Aplenty!” and “Lost and Found.”  “Someone’s Following Us” involves a young woman who’s stalking Donny– but no worries, she’s just a runaway oil heiress trying to get her busy father’s attention.

2 Responses to “Donny & Marie Golden All Star Book”

  1. Allee Willis

    It makes perfect sense that the cover photo would have absolutely nothing to do with the contents inside. These were golden years for Donnie and Marie and anything that their costumed selves could have been slapped on was slapped on. And that surreal mix of Mormon and Bob Mackie only made it better.

    Golden Books used to be so innocent but they jumped into the merchandising game just like every other company.

    I always thought that elephant bells were atrocious on anything other than a soul music group, but I always looked forward to the elephantitus-like fashions that graced this show.

  2. windupkitty

    I didn’t know those were called elephant bells….wow, i do love the idea of an oil heiress stalker though….being wealthy made her stalking benign? scary! :D