7 Responses to “Miss Velma”

  1. denny

    Miss Velma is a busy little thing! That first photo in this post scares me a bit.

    I almost burst into flames reading this post.

    Welcome to awmok Cracker88!!

  2. Douglas Wood

    Hi Cracker88– I see we share a love of Miss Velma. I’m so envious that you got to see her in the flesh. How did it feel to meet the most powerful woman in the world?

  3. cracker88

    Miss Velma’s Xmas show was really a spectacle like no other, I loved to go. It never failed to disappoint! I started a facebook fan page for her if you want to check it out/join. People have posted a lot of pics and videos! The sharpshooter video has to be my favorite. Enjoy!