It’s the guessing game at awmok! Can you tell who this fellow akitschionado is?

Submitted by denny June 11th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I was flipping over this picture.  The little boy you see here, hugging his dachshund “Tiki” is a contributor here at awmok.  Can you guess who it is?  I loved this picture so much that I made it my wallpaper. I think this picture alone represents an entire era, it’s such a beautiful photograph.  This was taken in the 50’s, the exact date is unknown but will be revealed at a later date I’m sure!  Look at that gorgeous stove in the background!

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  1. Allee Willis

    Well, the big question is how would you have a baby picture from another aKitchionado here at AWMOK without us having seen it here first? With this said, it’s one of the cutest photos I’ve ever seen. I’m going to guess Mark Milligan but that is so off the top of my head it’s crazy. Douglas Wood next.

    And I really want to know what those little white triangle things are on the jammies. Are they little flaps that cover the buttons?

    And who’s the hot dog?

  2. denny

    Well maybe I just was cheeky enough to ask an akitschionado for a picture because I got this fab idea for a posting series!

    With that said, yes, it’s Mark Milligan and I just die over this picture. He originally posted it on his face book page and I asked that he take it down and got permission for this posting!

    This picture is so amazing that I have it as my computer wallpaper.

    The little hot dog is “Tiki”! This picture makes me smile.

  3. Mark Milligan

    Denny, the left back burner of Mom’s stove was a deep-well fryer. Mom never used it, but I remember the metallic smell it had.

    What I’m wearing was my favorite jacket that I probably wore year round. It was a baseball themed jacket with each team’s pennant displayed on the front.

    Mom says I was 4 when she took this pic. She told me last week this was about the time I had gotten into the cupboards and took the rubber mason jar lid seals for canning, and was slinging them up to get hooked on the chandelier in the dining room after I saw one of the carny games at the county fair.

  4. Mark Milligan

    This was when my parents drove a 19-foot long Desoto station wagon, my older sisters had poodle skirts and their first boy friends. I knew every brand of every car that drove by the house, and the neighbor guy would have me sit on his porch and yell out the brand when they drove by.
    My sister Becky had a 45 record that I liked, and I think it was called “Wonderland in Blue.”
    Dad got a Mario Lanza LP that we listened to over and over. I would stand in the living room by the hifi and sing along with “The Student Prince,” and here was the song:

    I find it fascinating that so many times when we interact here on awmok, it conjures up memories of good times that I haven’t thought about for so many years!
    Thanks Allee!
    Thanks Denny!

    Drink, drink, drink, waffles, waffles, waffles!

    • windupkitty

      I have an original LP of The Student Prince! If you want it, it’s yours! Mario Lanza simply doesn’t get enough props these days…The awmok is where memories are shared and also made…what a lovely bunch of people, huh? I’m SO thankful for this place!

      • Mark Milligan

        Allee has set the tone, positive reinforcement, a safe playground.

        Wow, thank you for that offer, I am almost 100% sure Dad still has it. I’m going to email him now and ask him.

  5. denny

    Well, maybe the guessing game part isn’t quite working but finding amazing shots of fellow akitschionados is a ton of fun!

    • windupkitty

      hahaha..Allee’s too good..we didn’t have a chance! :) Maybe you should hold off naming until a few people have guessed……