Lucite chairs

Submitted by Billaurie June 11th, 2011
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My husband’s grandmother was decades ahead of her time.  She had four of these made for dining chairs.  Soooo heavy but actually kind of necessary for a small dining area since they don’t visually crowd the space.  About 1 inch thick. (and my dog <3)

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  1. Allee Willis

    As soon as I saw my first lucite chair in 1970 I think, I bought one. I loved it with every fiber of my heart until I had to sell it because it was too heavy to lug in the car from Manhattan to LA when I moved there in 1976.

    I’ve never lost my love for them and one you show here is among the best

    So hip of your grandmother to have these. Do you know what year she bought them? Was there a matching lucite table?

    ho’s the pooch?

    • Billaurie

      My husband’s grandmother had them made in the 70’s or 80’s, he can’t remember exactly but his whole family remembers her as VERY stylish & totally in charge of her own fashion sense! I so wish I could have met her. The table she had them made for has a glass top & the usuall brass color & black base for that era. We still have it, too. That’s our dog, Harley. The MOST AWESOME dog on this planet :-DD

  2. k2dtw

    Beautiful post.. The lucite “Z” chair!!!….stunning!!!
    Grandmother was a modern girl….so wonderful, I love them.