5 Responses to “Patrick Swayze Tattoo”

  1. Allee Willis

    As far as I’m concerned, skin art doesn’t get any better than THIS. Of course, you better be into severe human cheese to walk around with this the rest of your life.

    He looks like the illegitimate son of Patrick Swayze and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

    The Chippendales outfit, especially the cuffs-only arm, is absolutely killing me. That he’s stuffed into a horse’s body makes it even better. And then there’s that purple bruise looking sky and the over-amped rainbows. Really, it all just leaves me breathless.

    Do we have any idea whose arm this rests upon?

    • BeeJay

      Unfortunately, even after a long research, I couldn´t find out how the owner of this incredible masterpiece looks like, but I read it´s on his calf. You can find a dozen of pages where this tattoo is getting applause, even caricatures of it, but probably we´ll never find out who´s the owner, maybe he doesn´t even know how popular he is. It was described as “So gay that even gay people say: Man, that’s one gay tattoo, man!””

      Obviously once it was sent to Patrick Swayze and he stated he´s not flattered about it, lol

      During my search I came across this:


      Thanks for the Classique D´ Camembert, Allee :)

  2. Douglas Wood

    The Chippendales Patrick Swayze is from an SNL skit in which he and Chris Farley played male strippers. How that eventually morphed into a rainbow-entwined centaur tattoo is beyond me.

  3. missmoppetkitty

    I remember that skit, for sure. I love the bad tattoo site! Maybe the owner was combining their 3 favorite things in the world into one tattoo.