Wigwams, Part 2

Submitted by Rusty June 21st, 2011
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What are the chances that right after posting the “I have slept in a wigwam!” post that not one, but TWO wigwam related items came into my life? We went out thrifting yesterday and found, with delight, this mens classic car and wigwam themed shirt. Then today, out of the blue, I got a package from my Mom with this wigwam toy inside.  Eerie!

Wigwam and classic car shirt

Wigwam and 10 little Native Americans soft toy

3 Responses to “Wigwams, Part 2”

  1. Allee Willis

    Now those are the kind of coincidences that I love! And what I love just as much of all those baby Indians that come with the teepee. Is the teepee a case for them?

    Who’s the manufacturer of the shirt? And are the teepees literally the Wigwam Motel or just teepees? Love the combo of classic cars, gas stations and teepees either way.

    • Rusty

      The older I get, the more I realize there aren’t really any coincidences.

      Yes, the ten little indians fit right inside the teepee. My mom found it in a Goodwill in Arizona for $3.99 (isn’t Goodwill getting expensive?) and just thought I’d dig it. Little did we know there would be some activity on AWMOK around wigwams this week!

      I was curious…here it is new: http://www.giftbrand.com/almas_designs/i-10/p221/ten_little_indians_playhouse.aspx?utm_source=Google_base&utm_medium=np&utm_campaign=feed

      The shirt is modern. It’s got a Harbor Bay label which means…Sears. Pretty darn cool for a Sears shirt. It’s definitely a Rte. 66 shirt. It has a sign on it that says, “Adrian, Texas Rte. 66 Midpoint” and the wigwams are definitely the ones in Holbrook. Isn’t that amazing?

      I will have to dig out more photos from that trip that I think you all will get a kick (on Rte. 66) out of!

      • Allee Willis

        Yes, More Route 66 photos please! It’s so sad what’s happened to Route 66 in CA. Just one big long strip mall now. We drove at least a 10 mile stretch on Saturday night and other than a few broken down motels – no good structures and just a handful of decent but not great signs – I’m jonesing to see a Route 66 that’s a little more untouched.