Nessa Finally Gets To See The Color Purple

Submitted by Nessa June 23rd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I finally got to see The Color Purple, Allee!  It was at the wonderful Keith-Albee Theatre in Huntington, WV.. probably West Virginia’s most beautiful theatre.  The Keith-Albee is an atmospheric theatre and the decoration inside is over-the-top!

The theatre, though you can’t see the sky-blue ceiling where the stars come out at night!

Above my seat under the balcony.

In the ladies’ lounge in the basement.

I really enjoyed the show, Allee, it was just wonderful!  I finally have that magnet to add to my collection. =)

A ton more pictures of the Keith-Albee in my Flickr set, here:

One Response to “Nessa Finally Gets To See The Color Purple”

  1. Allee Willis

    I ‘m elated that you finally got to see my baby!

    That theater is gorgeous. It looks like one of the gorgeously restored Fox theaters. How great that it hasn’t been hit it with the wrecking ball. I love seeing stuff in these vintage theaters.

    Love the mirror shot. And so happy the magnet left with you!