6 Responses to “STIM-U-LAX Junior Model no. 4 – home massage instrument from the 40’s”

  1. Allee Willis

    I know I owned one of these at one time. I used to buy anything industrial looking like this that I found for under a few dollars as I made so many of my sculptures and sets out of this kind of found object. So I know for a fact that this thing, supposed to be slipped over your fingers for a nice comforting massage, is completely insane in that it weighs as much as a car and the vibrating shakes up your blood vessels so that you need an ambulance by the time you’re done.

    I also always thought that the name Stim-U-Lax sounded much more like a laxative than a personal massager.

    Didn’t the Oster company also make blenders? I think they took the same technology and applied it to the Stim-U-Lax. But whipping a body is different than whipping some strawberries with milk, and these were probably taken off the market soon after they appeared.

    Always incredible when the box is still in the picture.

  2. denny

    Oh my god, I am laughing to hard over your commentary that I can’t even leave a proper comment here……..I am laughing so hard.