It’s the guessing game again! Can you guess who this akitschionado is?

Submitted by denny July 3rd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

A stunning sense of fashion even at this age!  Here she is pictured with her little sister in front of a dead tree.  Can you guess who this fellow akitschionado is?  She’s definitely one of the “Willis Wonderland players” and a regular here at awmok!

7 Responses to “It’s the guessing game again! Can you guess who this akitschionado is?”

  1. denny

    Wind-Up, don’t I own the hat you are wearing in this picture. The ones you sent me have the color blue in them.

  2. windupkitty

    Hmmmm no, this hat belonged to my Dad…It’s hard to tell, but I remember it well…1960s wool Pendleton…it was red and yellow plaid, which of course matched my pink velour shirt and purple pleat fronted (ECH!YUCK!!! DOWN WITH FRONT PLEATS!) pants and pink and purple purse :D

    The hats I sent you are indeed the same maker and era, but not this one…my guess is that my dad still has this one, now that I think about it…yeah I bet he does!

    When I got a bit older, I started collecting them larger so my hair would fit into them…I hated bothering with hair cuts, so I’d just stuff all my hair up in a hat like that…Over the year,s I gave them away (sometimes knowingly, sometimes not), but I only have one left…It’s my favorite…You have the last two…Who am I to deny you those hats…I know how hard it is to find something in a size that fits!

    This style is timeless too..I admit, taste be damned, I prefer to wear it backwards now cause it’s easier to see out (that’s the trouble with large hats!!)

    @Allee…that shirt was insane…I think my sis and I both had them…they were basically sewn on doll busts..the hair was individually sewn on yarn loops, the dolls dress collar was eyelet lace edging swen on and the print on the collar said I LOve Grandma…Yep, beyond kitsch….

  3. denny

    Your hair-do is killing me! What really kills me is that you have jewelry on, a hat, a handbag……! Where were you going?

  4. windupkitty

    hahahahaahah…I know, very fancy…i must have been hittin’ the town!

    That hair cut traumatized me for life! Oh man, words can not express how much I hated it. My mom cut our hair; I honestly can’t remember how old i was when i got a real hair cut. It would not have been so bad if she hadn’t used Fiskar sewing scissors (um yeah, if you’re TRYING to cut large chunks of hair unevenly, then use those) not to mention the Tupperware bowl years.

    Yes, she really did put an orange tupperware bowl on my head and cut around it. Do you remember the tupperware bowls from the 70s? They weren’t bloody bowl shaped! (link below to a pic i just found online) They had 2 levels to them! There was no way you were getting an even cut with one of those bowls. She should have used an effing pasta colander. Might have saved me few bruises on the playground, who knows?!

    To the Tupperware saleswoman who told Moms to do that , AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I shall never forgive you.

    And another thing: Dorothy Hamill, you are equally to blame. I never learned to ice skate, I never became a star, but my mother insisted that I attempt your look (weeeeeeeeeeeellllllllll past the 70s) should either of those two things materialize…Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!! :D,r:6,s:215