2 Responses to “No one can be (Sarah) Wise on an empty stomach”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love owls, the first national bird of kitsch. And i love objects that contain sayings that are a real stretch to connect with the subject. I get the mixing and measuring spoons connect with food and therefore an empty stomach, but what the hell does any of that have to do with an owl? Really a stretch to incorporate the ‘wise’, which, of course, kicks it up several notches in kitsch.

    For 100% sure I want to see the Ohio politicians plate in its own post. Looks like it’s from the era when all those men looked exactly the same. And those little owl S&P’s with the leaf hats look very deserving of sitting on a shelf here at AWMOK too. And what’s the little scalloped hutch the’re all sitting in?

  2. gnomestalker

    My apartment was built in the 1950’s, when scallop was the “go-to” affectation. I lucked out with a nice little built in shelf above my kitchen table. The owls were from my grandma, made in a pottery in ohio in the 40’s-50’s. The Ohio plate was grandpa’s and is hidden because I’m pretty sure it’s, collar pull, republican.