Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell July 9th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

In the mid 1970’s, one of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobiles came to my small town in Northern California and the driver stopped at a 7-11 store. My seven year old son and I were taking a close look at it when the driver asked my son if  he would like to sit in the cab which he did.  Before the driver left, he gave my son this button to wear

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  1. Bob Ramsdell


    I forgot to mention that once I found,in a garage sale, a hard covered
    picture book of participants in a Bob Hope Invitational Golf
    tournament. On one page there is a picture of a foursome, Oscar Mayer,
    Glen Campbell, another golfer and …….Bob Ramsdell (my name). It
    must have been an impostor as I am around six feet tall and thin and
    he was about 5′ 6″ and chubby!