DOBBS – Fifth Avenue (an amazing mini promotional hat!!)

Submitted by denny July 11th, 2011
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I had a fit over this purchase.  Yesterday here on Cape Cod, it was garage sale and flea market mayhem!  We had a flea market at the historical society which happens once a year.  I found this little hat and it’s hat box, for $1.00.  I can’t think that this is anything other than something made to promote this line of hats.

Box measures 4 x 4.

It’s the DOBBS hat!

Made of plastic and given a “felt like” finish.  I photographed the actual hat in the palm of my hand so everyone could see just how tiny the actual hat is.  One of my favorite purchases of the day!

7 Responses to “DOBBS – Fifth Avenue (an amazing mini promotional hat!!)”

  1. k2dtw

    GREAT POST!!!… This is wonderful…and it’s RED!!!…sweet
    They are “Gift Certificates”… When you paid for the hat, the hat store would give you the gift certificate w/the minature hat and hat box to give as a gift. The recipient could then go in and try on and pick out a great hat.
    They are a great collectible, they did the same thing w/shoes you would receive a minature pair of shoes in a shoe box!!!..

  2. denny

    K2 – THank you so much for this fabulous information! Makes me love it even more. I often buy things and don’t know much about the item. That is why awmok can be a real trip, I find out so much about my own collectables here!

    Thanks again!

  3. k2dtw

    It’s a great find…at an unbelievable price!! My husband has collected them for a long time. They even offered them for a “Top Hat”..w/box!!