Street Entertainers Bath UK

Submitted by shirlie williams July 12th, 2011
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Two crazy guys who spent ages on their heads in Bath High Street, a good contrast with all the Georgian Buildings. I remember a few years back having afternoon tea in the Pump Rooms , a Regency tea room were one can listen to a string quartet while eating the smallest sandwiches in the world, and out side the window were two acrobat buskers , wearing g string knickers and standing on his head, bum cheeks exposed, while juggling, now that was a contrast.

2 Responses to “Street Entertainers Bath UK”

  1. Allee Willis

    TOTALLY what I feel like today!

    How on earth can they breath?? I see the slits in the buckets but talk about claustrophobic… These are the type of people who could get lost in a cave and not panic.

    You have to admire people who decide ‘ I’m going to stick my head in a bucket and stand on my head’ today.

  2. shirlie williams

    OOoh the claustrophobia…what about all that blood rushing to their heads !!! Memo to take one of these guys potholing should you feel the urge !!