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Groovy Eco Labels!

Submitted by Douglas Wood July 16th, 2011
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I love that the Donald Knoob company exploited the ecology movement circa 1972 as a means to sell a bunch of mod stickers.  Marketed as a “do-it-yourself recycling kit,” these 16 colorful stickers are designed to wrap around  old beverage cans, instantly transforming them into practical household items such as a pencil holder…

…a razor blade receptacle…

…a screw container, a tool holder…

…a button holder, or a piggy bank:

Other uses include a scary, “anti-pollution ashtray,” a fire emergency bucket, or a wacky can of elbow grease:

It’s somewhat ironic that I found these stickers 39 years after they were made at a garage sale, in never-been-used condition and will undoubtedly, recycle them yet again by listing them on eBay.

2 Responses to “Groovy Eco Labels!”

  1. Allee Willis

    So excellent that these are pushed as a recycling kit. Which is actually pretty accurate.

    I remember being totally fascinated by these stickers when they first came out. But from the earliest age I was still so into authenticity that I couldn’t bear covering anything with them, even soda cans. I do, however, remember using soda cans for everything from covering lampshades with them to using them as little pencil cans. But I still don’t remember covering any of them. Knowing me, I couldn’t bear breaking up the sticker set. I’m sure that I never owned this exact set though because looking at the final photo with all of the cans I would have killed to have the entire set of covered cans and would have never thrown them out.

    I love all the designs. Really clean and sophisticated for stickers. I especially love ‘Screw it!’.