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Submitted by windupkitty July 21st, 2011
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Having never been in a situation that requires choices about the aesthetics of a kitchen (but still having many opinions), Sock Monkey was somewhat overwhelmed tonight when he was confronted with a couple of tile choices….Personally, I think it was hard for him, since sadly, there was nothing to be done to preserve the original tile from 1930 and he’s kind of a stickler for preservation…I hear ya, Sock Monkey…My landlord has done his best to match the original color, which is wonderful, so Sock Monkey spent some time tonight trying to decide which one he thought was nicest…Don’t tell him, but his deliberation was nothing short of recreation since though loves the house, he doesn’t own it!

Hmmmmm…here’s the wood cabinet color, 2 different tile samples and the original tile in his lap…Sock Monkey has a bit of thinking to do….What looks better?

This one?

Or this one?

Sock Monkey just can’t decide!!! Eeeny, Meeeny Miiiny, Mo isn’t helping Sock Monkey! You simply can’t keep choosing the original tile!

I know Sock Monkey, it’s a lot to think about…But don’t cry! It’s not that big a deal! When you feel this distraught, you should call a friend for comfort and advice…

See, that’s MUCH better! There’s no better advisor than the wise and wondrous Pigmy Will…As usual, he knows exactly what to do: either the original tile or beautiful, glittery stars….YOu look like you feel better already, Sock Monkey!

Yep! You DO feel better, don’t you? I can tell! It doesn’t matter that you can’t have the original tile or beautiful, glittery stars, because you have something better…And that’s a beloved friend who helps you when you’re stuck and always gives you a raging case of Happy Tail!!!!

Thanks for the perspective and the happy tail, Oh sage, divine and illustrious Pigmy! You always make everything better….Phew, everything is definitely going to be OK!

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  1. Allee Willis

    I LOVVVVE that the Pigmy was brought in to consult. His taste is impeccible and I would trust his judgement on all things esthetic. And he definitely knows his way around the kitchen. (For those of you unfamiliar with the Pigmy, here’s a quick introduction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEp1s65kiw0

    Was any of the original tile salvageable?

    Hard to see the color difference on monitors. In general, I’d vote for the lighter of the two. Make the kitchen a happy happy place.

    I think its excellent that all the resposibility of choosing the tile doesn’t fall all on you. Decisions like that are hard, especially when replacing original tile. I had to do that in my bathroom and almost had a heart attack. The original 1937 tile was gorgeous but all cracked and chipped. I got away with keeping the sink but the floor and the tub tile had to be replaced with the same color. Nowhere near the richness of the original. It killed me to do it. So I’m happy that Sock is bearing the burdon of the decision.

    Will Sock be making any ‘how to’ instructional videos anytime soon?

  2. windupkitty

    i know, sock monkey is so helpful! i wish he could drive! i’m heading to the a few tile places today to try to find something closer…i agree…lighter is better…niether of the two tiles my landlord found are quite right, so i’m going to do my best….

    it might be a losing battle though since it’s not my decision, ultimately…but yeah, i know how you feel…the kitchen had to be fixed…it was moldy beyond anything that was livable and saving the tile just wasn’t an option :( it’s going to be nice, but very different..i’m just a stickler for the original…the house deserves it, ya know?

    i saved a few tiles for color matching and one just as a treasure…been looking at them for over 15 years and loving it every time…i just want something equally as nice in there…the cottages have a lot of quirks and they’ve been mistreated over the years, but they have a lot of heart..

    pigmy knows what to do! he has the most excellent taste around…i hope he and sock monkey do some cooking together once everything is done…

  3. weave1022

    Again………….. wonderful…… but my favorite line: “Thanks for the perspective and the happy tail, Oh sage, divine and illustrious Pigmy! ”

    Good work windupkitty!!