Petelet or…

Submitted by BRBill July 22nd, 2011
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…my submission of a definition of “worthless”…or another contorted cat picture…

Petelet was one of the average of 15 inside cats at Catland. He was snatched out of a ditch behind a store in St. Martinville on a Porche road rally a few years back. He was brought into the house with two of his siblings and he got to stay to be part of the permanent collection. He was kept as Catmother said he reminded her of a former resident Petey, same style b&w kat.  His siblings went to the vet’s sister. Now this boy is the definition of “bad” as in “you are so BAD!!”, ie he’s in to everything, especially those things he’s not supposed to be in to. All you folks that are or have been cat staff can probably relate. Tons of attitude might be an apt description for his demeanor. He was once found inside the refrigerator after hopping in while it was opened for a late night drink of milk and not discovered til the next morning. He didn’t say anything as to whether the fridge light stayed on or not. On another occasion, he was found in the pantry with a clawed open 20 or so pound bag of catfud, never can tell how long i’m gonna be trapped so i better dig into this bag so i don’t starve kind of thing.  He never met a person he didn’t like because, well, you’re here, you’re supposed to pay attention to me arent you, that’s why you’re here right? This particular day he decided my lap would be a great place for a quick nap. He was fully totally lost to the world. Note the pointed out straight toes. He wants to be a black cat so bad he can taste it but that tuxedo thang hinders his dream. Last time i saw him, he was about 17-18pounds. All the food, according to him, was for him and he tried to make sure all bowls, plates,etc were clean clean clean. He is also one of the worst offenders when it comes to cat nip. He was started very early on this habit and he became fully hooked almost instantaneously. Action a bit slow around the house? catnip Petelet and things are guaranteed to heat up quick. There was virtually no limit as to the amount of catnip this boy would snarff up and he’d come back for more more more.

And here we have a picture of Petelet as a bat eared micro cat. He might have been 10-12 weeks old and this was after he was first turned loose into the general in house population. Note that the look shows that the attitude is fully formed and intact at this early stage of catness. He eventually grew into his ears as well as foot long tail and legs.

3 Responses to “Petelet or…”

  1. Allee Willis

    I LOVE when cats stretch out to full extent of the cat law as Petelet is doing here. And over a thigh no less. I had a cat, Gravy, the brother and sister and son of the three kitties I have now (who an idiot holistic vet literally killed by being a stupid vet who didn’t know post operative technique) who used to sleep like that. With the greatest of ease he would stretch out to it least 50% more than his normal size when he slept. It was one of his greatest skills. So I always love to see another cat who carries on that stretch limo tradition.

    Petelet sounds like the kind of kitty I would love. And I always love pet stories.

    • BRBill

      Yes, the Petelet was one of the coolest out there, he was what ya call an exceptional animal. I do miss getting to interact and harass the heck out of him now that they’ve moved. I understand he’s still the biggest instigator of trouble in their new abode. Guess he figured now that Frank is gone, it’s up to him to be bustin a move for being Top Kat…..Frank is another story altogether…