Pet Rock Concert

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell August 9th, 2011
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I was looking through some old pictures today and found some of the”Rock” concert I saw once. The inventor of the Pet Rock, Gary Dahl, was there giving a short talk on the invention of the concept. Chairs had been set up with a rock on each and sheet music in front of them. A local “ham” actor was the Maestro with his made up uniform. The pictures are not of the best quality but will give you a look at the scene. Gary Dahl is the guy with the white collared coat, the other is a local announcer. I have read that that Dahl is now a motivational speaker and there is a resurgence in interest with people wanting to get originals

or some want newer rocks with different paint, faces etc.

4 Responses to “Pet Rock Concert”

  1. Allee Willis

    The pet rock was such a brilliant concept, really the first of its kind. If I was ever going to listen to a lecture from anyone it would be this guy. Fuzzy photos or not, these are great to see.

  2. Ken D

    I had an original Pet Rock from the 70s that I kept for years. Sadly it was lost in a move several years ago and I suspect it’s one pet that’s gone “feral”.

  3. Bob Ramsdell

    When I was at the “Rock ” concert, Gary Dahl gave a brief lecture on his discovery of the pet rock. He said he was walking on Rosarito Beach in Baja California one day. He picked up rocks that had washed ashore that were all rounded. The idea for the pet rock popped into his head. He said there are no more rocks on Rosarito Beach which got a good laugh. He put each rock in a small pet type carrier with a manual he had devised on care and feeding. He also sold jars of pet food (sand). The manual told how to train the rock to sit, stay, roll over, play dead, etc.