Tucson Weekly Robot

Submitted by Michael Ely August 13th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner
This robot man stands on 4th Ave, downtown Tucson. 4th Ave is sort of Tucson’s colorful bohemian street, home to ethnic restaurants and cafes, thrift stores, gift shops, art and craft galleries,  neighborhood bars, live music venues, smoke shops and tattoo parlors (with a trolley that runs up and down the street). The robot serves as a distribution stand for the Tucson Weekly. He holds one Weekly in his hand, and the rest fit into the box that is his torso (he is empty in this photo as it was the end of the week and all the papers have been snatched up) . It’s hard to see, but a silver heart hangs in his chest.  This is just one of many public art pieces (bike racks, bus benches, etc.) designed by local artists here in the Old Pueblo.

2 Responses to “Tucson Weekly Robot”

  1. Allee Willis

    You know I love stuff like this; inventive twists to everyday objects.

    Are all of the Tucson Weeklys stands given treatments like this and done by different artists or is it just this one? And is it just on 4th Avenue or is there stuff like this scattered throughout downtown? Would love to see more of 4th Street!