Sonny and Cher Globe

Submitted by Douglas Wood August 18th, 2011
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Only in L.A. can one find items such as the one below at a local (Pacific Palisades) estate sale.  It’s a plastic lighting globe from the Sonny and Cher Show. The open hole is in the back, not at the bottom, as this (and others like it) adorned the walls of the set of the variety show.  Due to lots and lots of cosmetic surgery Cher actually still looks pretty much like this, with absolutely no lines, wrinkles, shadows or expression on her face.

8 Responses to “Sonny and Cher Globe”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’d be jealous anyway as I love Sonny & Cher anything but the fact that this was actually on the set of their show has me glassy eyed.

    With all the great drawings of them done over the years it’s absolutely amazing that a drawing that makes Sonny look Asian and Cher look more like Marlo Thomas is what ends up on stage.

    How big is the bulb?

  2. Lisa Rios

    Insanely jealous of this. As a little kid Sonny & Cher were my favorite. My family never missed that show. I would recognize this bulb anywhere. Understanding that the hole is at the bottom, I wonder if it’s possible to turn this into some sort of squat like lamp. I’d kill for this piece. (OK, I’m exaggerating but only a little.)

  3. Ted Nimmo

    I have many records tapes, I’ll post one tonight, the show was pure magic, the bob mackie dresses, flawless. It was the one night of the week my parents let me stay up past my bedtime and I drank it up. When the house they lived in during this period of their careers and featured on at least two album covers that I know of sold for under a million I nearly died. It’s a groovy Spanish style palace across the street from the pink Jane Mansfield/ Tony Curtis house. Wow! Great find I’m so jealous I could spit, so happy someone cool enough to appreciate such an item has this!

  4. Bwinchell61

    What a nice surprise to know someone else has an ORIGINAL from the television show. many reproductions out there for the Movie made for TV, but a rare find to find one of these great globes from the original TV series. Did you know that originally the globes were actually glass, and because they were breaking so many of them – just imagine – they created the plastic version. I was also told by my client, who worked on the show – they hired one artist and his sole job was making sure their faces were painted without mistake for every show. How funny is that.
    Here’s the fun part — I am representing this amazing piece for a client of mine and this bad puppy is going to be up for sale. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Cheers
    by the way — my first visit to your site and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!