Karaokitsch: more than kitsch the eyes

Submitted by Gilles Snowcat August 22nd, 2011
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

Karaoke rooms can be very kitsch and cute in Japan. In Vietnam, it is usually more serious, but I managed to find one with decorations that would sure catch the eyes of the faithful akitschionados visiting their favorite Kitschenette:

Don’t mind the song catalog that features more typos than the dictation of an untutored schoolboy, nor the lousy song arrangements that tend to forget there’s a voice that should make its way through the music, just enjoy the pleasure your eyes will offer you through the true kitsch of South-East Asia.

If you need to call the staff, first you have to find the button, looking more like the launching of an atomic bomb than anything else:

Oooooh what a surprise, can you look at the screen?
Don’t you see? OK, zoom please:
Mmmhhh doesn’t it sound familiar?

4 Responses to “Karaokitsch: more than kitsch the eyes”

  1. weave1022

    The room reminds me of those bean/macaroni/grain pictures that was a craft of the 60/70’s, although this is BIG scale LOL.