15 Responses to “Jenna Radke’s “Casa Rio De Colores” in Liberty Hill, Texas”

  1. k2dtw

    WOW!!….Every inch is Fab!!! Is it a home/restaurant?? Was it created by one family or designer???.. Love the black/white/red op-art room w/the Jim Morrison Frig!! Wondering what that black light poster room is like?…yikes

  2. Goldwoman

    Jenna is a dear friend to a man I dated last year who is still a dear friend to me. We didnt stay there, but she has a huge party every spring that we go to. Music and food all day and night!! The property in Liberty Hill is rented for weddings, parties etc. or just a getaway because it is on gorgeous property right on the San Gabriel River.I will tell her and I am sure she will be very appreciative of that compliment to you, Allee! Jenna owns a business in Downtown Austin called Lucy in Disguise which is vintage clothing and costume rentals. You would not believe what she has! And the store looks just like this house.

    If I find more, I will post them for you!

  3. k2dtw

    Me again, OMGOSH…SO much to see, I just spotted the Elvis… especially the giant Elvis chalk!!…is that a Elvis Motion Lamp??

    • Goldwoman

      Yes, I think so, and believe me, I have only posted a few pics- there are TWO houses connected by a porch so you are seeing just a fraction of what this place is- The bottom alone would blow your mind- the house is on stilts because it has flooded before, and the whole bottom floor is open and is set up with 6 ft banquet tables, (about 46 of them) each having its own theme! The tables on the railings have things that reflect the theme, like the rubber Godzillas I posted.

      • k2dtw

        Really!!!…brilliant design, this is incredible!!.. I’m in the midwest, wish it was closer…would love to see any additional pictures…
        Godzilla’s!!.. I saw those bad boys, made me think of a AWMOK Akitschionado and Zilla lover “MeshuggaMel”… I think he would love seeing the Godzilla theme!!…smile
        Thanks again for posting…

  4. Mark Milligan

    Jenna I want to take a long wonderful nap some autumn sunday afternoon in your bedroom with the incense smell of patchouli and a hint of orange blossom. So “Dark Side of the Moon” I’m almost stoned just looking at the pic. Love it.