Soul Food

Submitted by BRBill August 28th, 2011
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Now there’s a lotta talk here on this site about SOUL, one of the prime ingredients in life as we know it and that’s a good thing. What we have in the box is some real soul food from the unfortunately now burned down and closed Romano’s Pack and Save over on North Boulevard right across the overpass from the Temple Theatre. On the plate we have, in the top part, a fried porkchop and a huge piece of cornbread. In the bottom section a heaping helping of red beans and rice with ham hocks, mustard greens and a delicious serving of peach cobbler. Yes, it was good each and every time and i wish i’d had some for supper. If that ain’t the real deal SOUL food, i don’t know what is…iss good for ya.

……..and all that’s left is the sign.

4 Responses to “Soul Food”

  1. k2dtw

    Great sign, FABULOUS Soul Food!!!!…yum I’m so hungry!!!
    I’m really surprised that something this soulful and delicious is coming out of a restaurant that has “Pack and Save” in their signage???.. With my luck, I would probably drive right by….yikes..

    • BRBill

      Actually, k2, that sign was at the back of the store, down the street where one didn’t really see it. I guess i should have taken a perspective shot also, with the empty lot where the store was and the sign at the back. This is South Louisiana, there’s a deli in most grocery stores and most of them are pretty good. Gas stations all across south La. are known for their food also, especially the ones over in Cajun country, hot boudin as the featured dish. And don’t get me started on the places here in BR that are no longer open, talk about plate lunches that made you think you were in food heaven…

      • k2dtw

        OK, I had to google Hot Boudin???…smile Hot Boudin has it’s own song???…a LSU Boudin cheer??.. I’ve been to MSY, but somehow I’ve missed this completely???….LOL..
        So many rich traditions.. Thanks for posting!!