Beach at Nassau- 1953

Submitted by BRBill August 30th, 2011

Another from the series of my papa’s pictures from Key West and the Caribbean in the late 40s-early 50s. This one is from a submarine cruise to Nassau. I also have photos from Haiti, Jamaica and Guantanamo Bay from the same cruise. I thinks it’s a really cool beach picture and the car on it sure doesn’t hurt that factor. This scene is probably long lost what with all the beach development that goes on along waterfront property.

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    • BRBill

      Unfortunately that’s as close a shot as i can get of the car. Enlarging the pic too much just causes pixelation. I think it’s a MG as the Bahamas were/are British territory. I think it was one of those “show the flag” cruise/tours of duty, hence the large number of stops along the way.