Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Pringles Case

Submitted by Allee Willis August 31st, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Being a potato chip lover, I viewed Pringles as blasphemy when they first came out. It’s like thinking a baked potato is gonna satify someone who’s lusting for french fries. But when the airlines first started making you pay for food and came around with that wicker basket of hard cookies and crackers and cheese the size of a pat of butter, I took a leap and went for the stack of Pringles. Not that I still wouldn’t take a bag of original Lays first, but the Pringles definitely had my tatse buds saying hello.

The shape and symetry of Pringles really appeals to me. So when Windup Kitty gifted me this plastic Pringles carrying case I was a most happy chip muncher to say the least!

Other than you have to have the appetite of a flea to be satified with the mere ten chips that it holds.

I know there are two missing. They were begging to be sampled.

If you look close at the top of the case you can see the Pringles imprint:

The grey bottom is a little too institutional of a color palette for me. At least go for the same anemic yellow as the chip to suggest the contents within.

But that’s a small complaint for something that’s going to keep my Pringles chip free and fancy fresh!

5 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Pringles Case”

  1. kookykitsch

    Hey Windup! Where can I get me some of them Pringles Cases? It’s all for the sake of kitchen and KITSCH-en organization..ok and I LOVE sparkly things…and plastic and, the chips, too.

  2. windupkitty

    hahahah a denture cup!!!! totally!!!! i won’t even quote the frank zappa song that comes to mind…

    oh kooky, i wish i knew where this came from!!! i’ve been going things in my garage and found it with some old dishes…i literally have no memory of it’s origin, which is weird, cause usually, i can recite stories about all my stupid crap, but this truly eludes me…I did just do a search on ebay and found a bunch of them, but they are 10 bucks each, which seems a rip off…of course, if you have a bunch of pringles that need a case, then maybe it’s a bargain…oooo now i sound like a shady car mechanic in a remote roadside stop :D

    i agree about the sparkles…they didn’t have to do that when they made the case….it was clearly an act of sincere love and devotion….

    And QoK, i’m glad you came to the darkside and decided to like pringles..they are actually yummy if not a little disgusting…i prefer real chips myself, but ya gotta love the kitsch factor regardless….may i express some slight disappointment that the initial resting place for this case wasn’t fully represented? well, ok, then I will…:D

    what i like most about this post is the photo of people though and not because my sad self is in it…how lovely to see everyone again!!! Rusty, Kooky, Ken, John, and of course the QoK and Doug Wood (who represents with og Converse Chuck Taylors!)