7 Responses to “Denver Modernism Car Show 2011, 1957 Gaugin Red Chrysler 300”

  1. Allee Willis

    Without question, a completely stunning car that I’d kill to own. But that music accompanying the shots is like chalk on a blackboard to me. I know that’s a classic song and a classic singer singing it but since I’ve been a kid whenever I heard that record and he reached for the ‘Love’ in “be my Love” I wanted to stick silly putty in my ears so I’d never have to hear it again. But as far as the car goes, it can pull up and hang out in my drive anytime it wants.

    • Mark Milligan

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s my attempt to layer the high and the low into the submission, now that I’ve discovered movie maker. I remembered when I found the Mario Lanza album in my Mom’s collection when I was cleaning out her house how much the tune was parodied on TV when I was watching TV as a kid!

  2. windupkitty

    oh wow. i would definitely write love letters to this beauty!!!! Don’t you just want to take her home, tell her a couple of funny stories over drinks and then ask for her hand in marriage?!? I would treat her SO right!!!!

    I actually have to disagree about the music. I LOVE Mario Lanza and have a bunch of his records…Sure, it’s super cheesy and gives your eardrums a bit of a shock, but this stuff always put a smile on my face…PERFECT choice for this gorgeous red headed Chrysler :)

      • Mark Milligan

        k2-I really don’t know if that was the original color on this beauty. A couple of things tipped me off to it having a racy past. Those wheel covers aren’t original 300C, and the seat belts were racing seat belts, and then there was a tach on the dash. This model very well coulda been the fastest production car in America in ’57, but I really am just guessing. The body is in great shape, the interior is too. I think it’s even better that she may have had a checkered past.

  3. k2dtw

    Mark I am knocked out… I was so taken by the image in your AWMOK post… I read right past the “Gauguin” Red!!…what???.. I just got a mini major in “Paul Gauguin Red” off Google…with a minor in Virgil Exner…Automotive Design.. I’m dying…makes me love the Gaugin Red Chrysler 300 even more.