Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Gay Parisian Ashtray

Submitted by Allee Willis September 7th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Gay as in ye ol’ sense of the word: happy, frolicking through the streets of Paris with n’ary a concern in the world. I love this Little ashtray for much more than its gayness however. Above all, I relish the little paint mounds that stand above all the matte black surfaces.

It’s hard to really tell from the photo – and I took at least 20 of ’em trying to get the little white mounds of glaze to properly pop – but you can see the little nubs of the sweater and those puffed locks of yellow blond hair and get an idea of the dimension of the glaze. Shoulder pads were a big 1940’s fashion trend, which I’m sure influenced this 1950’s design, so it’s a shame the white won’t photograph right. Of course, it’s a bigger shame that I don’t know how to shoot with anything other than auto focus…. Maybe you can see the gay raised paint splotches better on her skirt:

I love when you can see the imperfections in the glaze. It adds to the handpainted feel. Which someone did, though I’ve tried to make out the name unsuccessfully for 25 years since I’ve owned this thing.

I love the sidewalk treatment:

So Atomically perfect in design, splotched right on the pavement from the artist’s palette. I love her shoes too, though doesn’t one foot look five sizes larger than the other?

The fringe on the dress is etched into the clay. I love this reverse effect.

Other Parisian essentials, an umbrella…

…and The Eiffle Tower:

But the big mysetery is why a French Poodle wasn’t thrown into the mix? That particular canine so often accompanied French designs in the 1950’s.

Missing poodle acknowledged, this gay Parisian ashtray is still one of my fave ash receptacles.  May you all have a very gay day and remember to deposit your ashes in a stylish gay ashtray for optimum esthetic enjoyment.

8 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Gay Parisian Ashtray”

  1. BeeJay

    Oh! Now I see it! Allee, this isn´t an ashtray, it´s a wallhanger from “Kieto Keramik”, a german manufacturer. Under the name I can read “Handarbeit”, what means handmade.

      • BeeJay

        I don´t recall Keto ever making ashtrays and have never spotted one in their catalogues, they are known for vases and wallhangers. But I think it does no matter anyway, cause it´s so pretty! Whenever I come across one of those Keto booklets again I´ll go for it and send it to you, a lot of wonderful things in there. You really got me started with Keto Keramik yesterday with posting this, I almost went for the plate I sent you on Facebook, but I have to behave!

  2. leslieh5

    hmmmm, I’m kind of with BeeJay on this…there is no ‘dip’ for holding the ciggy. But who cares, its wonderful! We had a teapot with this kind of thick paint, we called it the ‘iced’ teapot because of the thickness of the colors.

    • Allee Willis

      The only thing is there’s absolutely nothing to hang it from. And there’s no way of attaching anything to it unless you use something like a plate holder, which then ruins the look from the front. I think if it was meant to go on a wall there would have been something built or molded into it to hang by.