Denny’s Adventures In Allee’s “Willis Wonderland” – July 2011 – Part 40

Submitted by denny September 7th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

The kitsch in these photos has all been photographed for the kitschenette.  I wanted to post a wide view of the room that will give everyone an idea why this corner is also a favorite spot for me.  The Bubbles painting, mosaic bar, acrylic pink grapes, chalkware lamps, marble table, red bubble tv, seagrams pitcher, plastic drinking mugs are all deep within the archives of the kitschenette!

2 Responses to “Denny’s Adventures In Allee’s “Willis Wonderland” – July 2011 – Part 40”

  1. Allee Willis

    I must have been shooting something in the living room the day you shot this as the little pedistal table and Italian ball pedistal ashtray are parked in front of the mosaic bar but belong in the living room, one room over.

    Lucite chairs are from the 40’s.

    Marble table was designed by Kim Milligan in 1981.

    Bar against back wall with bottles is made entirely of 1/2″ mosaics.

    AW portrait by Bubbles the artist.

    Slave lamps:

    Pink grapes:

    Resin watermelon:

  2. denny

    I think this may have been the day of the “Born In Detroit” shoot. We had the whole house moved around on that day.

    I am so insanely jealous over those slave lamps and the lucite chairs are to die for!!!