7 Responses to “Adam and Eve by Blackalbino”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, would love to see another post with close-ups of this.

    Is the sky made out of bubblewrap and is the land some sort of crumpled paper? Would love to see what the humans are wrapped in as well, although it looks like a continuation of the land. Have a whole lot of questions, like are those dried flowers or paper flowers around the edge of the piece itself? How big is it? How long did it take to make? Etc. So much detail on the piece!

    Really cool. Close-ups please!

  2. blackalbino

    Hi there
    thanks for the kind words, the bottem half of the backgroud was made by stitching hundreds of wee peices of material together then i tie the painted animals on. The top half of background was made by using two layers of blue material which I then stitched with lots of circles then cut away the top layer to get the darker blue beneath. The snake was wound with gold thread, the dolls spray painted with car laquer then wound with wool lastly the flowers are a mix of fake and real flowers covered in wax. And yes that is the lovely Barbie and ken! If you interested you can see more of my work at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blackalbino-art/135452993150605
    and please feel free to like my page :)

  3. Douglas Wood

    So many great pieces on your facebook page– the postcard chairs are particularly wonderful. I’m sure Allee (and all the other akitschianados) would love for you to post more of your stuff individually at AWMoK.