7 Responses to “Pee-wee Warhol-esque!”

  1. BeeJay

    Oh, of course I LOVE that, cause I am the DIE HARD Pee-wee Herman fan under the aKitschionados here. I really like that this artwork shows the real Paul, what is rather rare, most artsy things are all related to his alter ego. I did a few Pee-wee paintings along with other Playhouse characters myself, the newer one also shows him in his current age, but also as Pee-wee (I will upload it on AWMOK anytime soon). Is it possible that uploaded this on Flickr too? I believe I´ve seen it before.

  2. Tommy

    @Allee– Thanks. But “Big Adventure”– that was you???? I’ve had that on an MP3 on my computer for yeeeaarrsssssss… sent by a friend, but we could never tell it’s origination!!! :)

    @BeeJay– Thanks, as well. I’m right behind you when it comes to Pee-wee Herman. The playhouse was the palace of kitsch as far as I’m concerned. You have seen this exact picture on Flickr, yes, as I have it on my Flickr account along with other pop-arted pics of various people and celebs. I have a nice one I did of Lynne Marie Stewart…still the prettiest woman in Puppetland!! I should submit that one, perhaps.

    • BeeJay

      Definately Tommy! I believe the Playhouse, it´s entire crew and it´s interior was influencing me on so many levels. My love for kitsch, my art, my humor – everything. I will see if I can find you on Flickr again, so I can see more of your pop-arted pics. I´ve uploaded all my painted Playhouse characters there as well – and btw. one of our Allee too!

    • Allee Willis

      Yes, I co-wrote it, arranged, produced, sang, sampled, did everything. Photos on the back sleeve. We also shot a video though that never came out when they decided not to release the record because of a contract dispute with another piggy writer who shall remain unnamed but is easy enough to figure out who wouldn’t allow anyone else’s music in the movie. At least that was the story given to me. Knowing all the parties involved I doubt I’ll ever know the truth of the situation… it was such a shame because it was a killer song and a killer video.