Who wants a clean face when you have one of these?

Submitted by gnomestalker September 17th, 2011
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A real beauty I bought in Philo, Ohio on visit to my grandmother’s.  Rule of thumb:  Always leave extra room in luggage for treasures found along the way.

Source of pride in my kitchen, I’d rather walk around during my social gatherings with my face covered in BBQ sauce than have to touch this beacon of awesome.

9 Responses to “Who wants a clean face when you have one of these?”

  1. Allee Willis

    Is that a napkin holder? Can’t quite tell from the photo. I’m hoping so because it’s one of the more bizarre napkin holders I’ve ever seen. Do you fold the lid back to get it the napkins? This is a very superb item.

    Are the wings on the corners made of metal? And what’s the top part and the base made of? Almost looks like felt covered wood with a metal flower on top.

    This design is so out there. It’s like they had no idea when to stop. Is there any manufacturers mark on the bottom?

    Also, is that vintage yellow tile on your counter?

  2. gnomestalker

    It is a napkin holder! Very dark lighting in the kitchen (for romantic interludes with Trader Joes).

    The entire thing is made of metal. The lid lifts off so you can get to the napkins. No markings :(

    Yes, that is vintage yellow tile on my kitchen counter top. My kitchen’s only use is to act as a museum for my cheery kitchen antiques :)

    PS. Very excited for your show! I have my ticket!

  3. snappyp

    Yes that is a total treasure you have. I love the corners and how they echo the brown folds under the apPle like handle. Are the napkins custom? Or will most square napkins fit? It’s gorgeous.

    • gnomestalker


      Only the best for this napkin holder: Regular old 99cent Store napkins ;) Thank you for the compliment :) I know the picture isn’t the greatest, but the corners and the handle are actually orange!!! That sealed the deal for me :)