Another fabulous “bad” post card

Submitted by denny September 27th, 2011
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I found this post card on a “bad post card” site.  The following information is what was on the flip side of the card.

““Presenting…Conversational Fancy Pillows—a brand new show in the world of home decoration.
We’re starring exciting, colorful wool felt, kapok filled cushions for every setting imaginable—the den, living room, playroom, bedroom, or porch.
Let these 3D pillows and Musicushions play to a new homemaker, your summer hostess, or the person who “has everything.”

3 Responses to “Another fabulous “bad” post card”

  1. Allee Willis

    This postcard slays me. The layout is insane. You can’t even tell they’re pillows. Not to say that I wouldn’t want to own every single one of them, especially the Musicushions (to say they stretched for that word is an understatement). I LOVE THIS POSTCARD!!

  2. Douglas Wood

    Ha ha! This is so bizarre. What a strange concept to have these pillows seemingly suspended in mid-air. And there’s no relationship between the animals and the instruments or a suggestion of what the woman in the middle has to do with either group. (Not to mention the fact that the pillows themselves look kinda crappy and aren’t the least bit charming.)