7 Responses to “Denny’s Adventures In Allee’s “Willis Wonderland” – July 2011 – Part 68”

  1. Brother Cleve

    That book was compiled by the editors of Adam magazine, one of the more successful stroke books, uh I mean Men’s Magazines, of the era. They also published Adam Film Quarterly with reviewed Adults Only flicks. Club Adam was their Swingers Guide imprint.

    Denny, there’s a swingers club still in existence not far from you in Taunton, MA. Or so I’ve been told :-)

  2. Douglas Wood

    Of course it’s not “women” and “men,” but “girls” and “men.” I’m still taken aback when people today refer to adult females as “girls,” because no one ever refers to grown men as “boys” (except when referring to the “old boys club” and then it’s used pejoratively.)

  3. denny

    Hey Brother Cleve…..Great info! Mmmmm, how do you know all this information? :) Taunton, MA huh? I see now that MA is full of surprises.

    On a more serious kitsch note. Do you collect this kitsch as well? Looking forward to more of your collection!

  4. Brother Cleve

    Denny, I’ve always had an interest in the more tawdry side of things! I grew up in the 60’s at the height of sleaze, before it denigrated into pure porn. I’ve been fortunate to spend quality time with folks like Russ Meyer and Doris Wishman before they checked out. I’ll post as much of the good stuff as I can get away with!