Playboy bar paraphernalia

Submitted by Brother Cleve September 28th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

What sort of man reads Playboy? A man who steals stuff from the Playboy Club and sells it at flea markets 30 years later! No home bar is complete with at least some paraphernalia from Hef’s fantasy factory (I went to the Playboy Club in Boston a few times in the ’70’s!). Matchbooks, cocktail shakers, bar guides, swizzle sticks (and yes, that IS an Esquivel swizzle stick in the mug, alongside Trader Vic’s little icon), ashtrays. Adds a touch of class to any drunkards home!

5 Responses to “Playboy bar paraphernalia”

  1. Allee Willis

    1st of all, gorgeous photos. 2nd of all, that’s a great collection. 3rd of all, I wish I had the balls to lift a few things from my three visits to the Playboy Mansion in the 80s and 90s, although I guess that would’ve been a slightly more serious offense than taking stuff from the Club.

    I love that everything actually came from the real deal Playboy Club and in the 70’s, one of the glory decades of it. Did the Playboy’s Host and Bar Book come from there too?

    Was Barmate a magazine, cocktail menu or what?

    The Esquivel swizzle stick deserves its own post for sure.

    • Brother Cleve

      Well, first of all, add a “Jealous” marker from me to you in that you’ve actually been out to Hef’s mansion!

      The Barmate guides were advertisment supplements for Southern Comfort, which is the main ingredient in all the cocktails listed in them, and included as an insert in Playboy magazine; those ones pictured are from 1963, ’64 and ’65.

      The Host & Bar book was published by Simon & Schuster/Playboy Press in 1971. It has all sorts of tips for hosting a swinging party, along with drink & food recipes. There have been other editions of that book since then. Esquire published party guides as well.