My Living Room (PT 2)

Submitted by Brother Cleve September 30th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Here’s a bit more of an overview of the living room. I’ll post specific items over time. Yes, the Lava Lamp works. When I bought that chair it had a sign on it that said “Jetsons Chair”. How could I resist? And while it’s not kitsch, I do love having a stained glass window in the living room (there are others in the house as well). The fireplace is built with Chelsea tile.I designed the bar and had it custom built. There are a LOT of bottles behind there, as I get paid to create cocktails. You can also see a close up of it here:

I’ll watch all those dvd’s and get them off the floor one of these days! Oh yeah, the leopard skin blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace is the throne of our feline roommate Miss Flo

5 Responses to “My Living Room (PT 2)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Gorgeous everything. You know I want to see those items one by one so we can witness their full glory. That bar is so gorgeous I can’t stand it. I love how tall and thin it is with space at the side reserved for shelves. The amount of bar paraphernalia is fantastic. The chair looks uber comfy. The overall color scheme once again STUPENDOUS.

    That article on you is fantastic. YOU are Exotica.

    • Brother Cleve

      Yes, I’ll be posting all the individual items as time progresses. I wanted to post these so there’s a sense of place with it all, like when you walk into a museum or into someone’s home (which can be both — for many years people called my home the Museum Of Cultural Debris) and you get the full sense of it before looking at the individual pieces.

      There are 2 bookcases that have even more bar paraphernalia on top of them, and they are full of bartending guides going back to the 1860’s.