Sister Mary O’Hara and the Virginettes (inspirational LP)

Submitted by denny October 1st, 2011
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That IS really the title of the album! I could kick myself now for not grabbing all the info for it. The only thing I may be sketchy on is the lead Nun’s name, but I am pretty sure it is Mary O’hara. The one nun that is standing looks like she is about to start hootin’ and hollerin’ with that guitar. I am assuming that the nun to the far left may be the leader? Any opinions here?

6 Responses to “Sister Mary O’Hara and the Virginettes (inspirational LP)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Needless to say, brilliant name for the group. I have no doubt that all these gals lived up to the title.

    The nun standing in back of the bush is the leader.

    The color tone of that cover feels appropriately religious. Drabbbbbbbb

    Is that one of those fishes glued onto the guitar of the middle nun?

    They’re all wearing orthopedic shoes.

  2. Brother Cleve

    I believe that is a Jesus Fish on the guitar. Good eye, Allee! I probably wouldn’t have caught that. Of course, i can’t look at images like this for too long because I went to Catholic school and am damaged goods. (actually, I’m just damned)

    I agree that the nun behind the bush is the leader. I’ve been in bands since the 60’s and know how to spot ’em.

    Those tinted black and white album covers are always a sign of unadulterated cheepnis. I doubt I could listen to this without killing myself.