Submitted by Brother Cleve October 1st, 2011
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The complete run of SUPERSPADE paperbacks, published between March 1970-November 1971. Cover art is by the great Mitchell Hooks (in fact, they’re all signed), who also designed the original 007 logo with the release of “Dr. No”. Basically these books are a rip/riff on “Shaft”. I love that each one is “a tough novel”. Hell, yeah. Lots of the gratuitous sex that one expects to find in novels of  this era, along with Black Power-cliche riddled dialogue. Right on!! I’ve included the back cover to #1, as well; the same pic is on every book. I wonder if the real author is truly an African-American? Popular Library was one of the sleazier mainstream publishers of the day, definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. I think it’s really J.R. “Bob” Dobbs in blackface. My guess is that the B.B. in his name stands for Big Black. Put his full name all together now and see what I mean!! (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

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