Totally 80s Music Junk

Submitted by Nessa October 3rd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I was going through some old stuff and I found this packaging for these things I had as a kid.  They were these speaker things you could hook up to your walkman so you could listen to it without headphones.  You could clip them all over your clothes and be a walking nuisance.  Of course, these were never too popular… I remember buying them overstocked at the dollar store for $1 each.  I bought a bunch of them.  They are still around somewhere.  I thought the packaging was funny so I thought I would share.

If I recall correctly, I had/have the jukebox, the drum set, the heart, the mouth, the boom box, and that stripey purple star thing.  I had some of the “expanders” too, so you could plug in 4+ speakers at once.  The sound was pretty horrible but for $1 in the days before we even had Wal*Mart or Best Buy in my town, this was pretty much top-of-the-line electronic musical gear.  My walkman went with me everywhere back in those days.    I never saw any of the ones with the radio in them… those must have been sent to the $2 store.. haha.

Look at how cool this guy is!  Cool, or about to get beat up?  Or about to get tangled up while passing a tree?

If I find the actual speakers in a box somewhere, I’ll post them for y’all to see.  The juke box was my favorite because the cord had little plastic records on it.  I guess if I found them I could still use them with my MP3 player…

2 Responses to “Totally 80s Music Junk”

  1. Allee Willis

    80s hairstyles and fashions made me ill then and still do now. However, this walking sound system is so of its day I’d love to own this now. What could be more annoying than walking down the street wearing four speakers?! Four exceptionally ratty sounding speakers at that.

    The generic packaging and all that postmodern art direction, really on the cheap end of it, makes me like this very much.