The Bronze Fonz

Submitted by Jaymes Mansfield October 8th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Here in Milwaukee we take great pride in TV shows that take place in Wisconsin. Now some people think this is taking it a bit too far…. I couldn’t disagree more! I present to you the bronze Arthur Fonzarelli! Henry Winkler himself is standing in his signature pose with a grin on his face that tells us he’s rather pleased with himself. I think this should happen more often. Maybe a chrome Laverne or a statue of Wilmer Valderrama made entirely out of used gum. The stautue is by artist Gerald P. Sawyer. Apparently Milwaukee raised 85,000 to commission the statue…. I sh** you not.

Come on say it. I know you are dying to… Say it! “Eyyyyyyyyyy!”

Though if I had to choose I would opt for the Fonz jumping the shark, but I’ll settle for this.

2 Responses to “The Bronze Fonz”

  1. Allee Willis

    You’re 100% right, especially with the Fonz erected so close to water, that they should have been more factually correct, saved money on the bronze it took to finish his legs – completely wrong in color by the way – and just had him rising from the water holding a shark fin. The idiom “jump the shark” has survived as well as the show it sprung from, Happy Days, and the ill-fated episode that pointed to the show’s eventual demise as the Fonz jumped the shark while waterskiing. He should’ve stuck to sucking sodas.

  2. Brother Cleve

    So wrong it’s right. From a city where baseball fans pee their pants in the stadium when the hometeam wins. And where you can get a Martini with a mushroom garnish. That’s quite the package on the Fonz, as well. I’m sure Henry Winkler is pleased!

    But why is he gold?